James T. Allegretto

Executive Director
Youth of North Carolina

Jim AllegrettoPrior to being selected as the executive director for Youth of North Carolina a 501C3 on February 1, 2022, James T. Allegretto served as a director with the Boy Scouts of America, from 2016 – 2021. During his tenure, Allegretto led the development and implementation of a new vision, board direction, goal, and strategic plan, and completed a three-year implementation of a new district membership recruitment program, that welcomed 100s of families and developed stronger community relationships. Additionally, during this time, Allegretto was named and awarded the Southeast membership growth champion for growing Scout membership by 180%, over three consecutive years.

Before joining the Boy Scouts of America, Allegretto served as the operations manager for City Wide Services, a construction finishes firm centrally located in Burlington, North Carolina from 1998 – 2016. During this time he grew the organization into a 9.3 million-dollar producing company.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from West Virginia University, Allegretto briefly worked for DreamWorks Pictures in New York learning about the technical side of theatrics, production, and marketing before moving to North Carolina. Since 1998 Allegretto has called North Carolina home where he has two children, James (17) and Royce (15), and a wonderful rescue cat.

Allegretto grew up on the south shore of Long Island, New York enjoying everything that a small coastal community outside of Manhattan had to offer. Being the son of a successful blue-collar, self-starting businessman father, he learned the value of hard work. Born, raised, and graduating high school in the same small town gave Allegretto a sense of what a community could be and should be. These opportunities emphasized loyalty and compassion for one’s neighbors giving Allegretto the ability to create strong hardworking bonds quickly.

Over the years Allegretto has continued making an impact in the community using his famous sense of unity, understanding, and empathy to advocate for youth support services across North Carolina and inspire lasting change.