Foundation Of Support

Strategic Partners

With the help of strategic philanthropic partners, we work to make the biggest impact for children in North Carolina.  The Youth of North Carolina 501c(3) has state wide strategic partners that can best give our youth the tools and resources to help make well-rounded ethical and moral choices over their lifetime.  With our partners every youth can fulfill their adult potential by being self-reliant, mentally and physically healthy and narrowing skills gap in America.

We are committed to making this happen through statewide Food nutrition security & Mental health services for and all Youth of North Carolina.

Local Giving

In all counties of North Carolina, the Youth of North Carolina 501c (3), we annually make available local community grants which support programs that deliver:

  • Stability for children in crisis

  • Pediatric physical and mental health services

  • Hunger security

  • Skills educational programs

  • Quality out-of-school programming

  • Programs that empower youth through service and programs that develop self-sufficiency through social-emotional learning in children

All organizations receiving philanthropic support from the Youth of North Carolina are required to agree to our non-discrimination policy.

Please be advised we are currently accepting proposals for 2020 & 2021 support.